It was 20 years since ,Shanghai Xingma Electronics LTD.was set in 1989 .It is a company which professionally develops and produces indoor and outdoor large display boards.Our factory occurs 15mu and 10000m2 and we master strong Hi-tech ,which has made us one of the largest LED display board production bases in nation.

Our company is one of the member which China's Ministry of Electronics Industry Association LED light display their special committees certificated,and was examed and verificated as'Display quality assured national brands' by China Association for Technical Supervision Information in October,2001.Our company is the first one to pass the IS09001: 2000 quality management system by U.S. certification bodies ASR in the production and sale of the industry of LED ,so as to  ensure product quality with international standards.
In 2003 the company produced the adoption of LED electronic display, Shanghai Electronic Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Station of rigorous testing, access to 200321-6-000023 numbered certificate. In 2003, People's Republic of China Trademark Office No. 3,047,352 was the "lucky horses" trademark registration. People's Republic of China in 2009 was the Copyright Office No. 0,152,119 for the first issue of computer software copyright registration certificate, obtained in 2009, Shanghai-based economy and information issued by the Committee for the Shanghai No. DGY-2009-0747 Certificate of Registration of the software products.
Company has three subsidiary companies: Shanghai Xing Hao System Integration Engineering Company Limited, Shanghai Industrial Co., Ltd. Xing Ma and Shanghai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. of Singapore, Malaysia. Minhang District in Shanghai near the A4 highway next to have a total of four buildings of 20 floors, factory inspection of the screen every day from a few to dozens of blocks, in east China has become one of the largest production base for display.

The company has fully automatic solid crystal machine, automatic beat-ray machine and automatic SMT assembly line, from the LED manufacturing, circuit board welding, assembly box big screen throughout the installation and commissioning of aging, at one go, the company's raw materials Seeing the people come in less than the LED die, the entire screen out. This combined upstream and downstream production operation, to maximize quality control and reduce costs. The lowest cost to produce the highest quality products (as long as the quality control of the die to ensure the quality of the company). Giving benefits to users, services and users. The company has a high-definition image display control chip independent property rights, all of our products and the master control board chips are the company spent 20 years developing accumulated, with the advantage of stability. Of course all of the display board is also self-developed own property completed. 20 years in this rather aggressive, solid, one step at a time, has installed more than 10,000 of nearly 20,000 screens, generally by the users. In particular, systems integrator to the multi-order. Users across the country, from East China to the north, from the southwest to the northwest. Some also exported to Japan, Australia, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia.

The quality of Xingma's approach: "customer-centric - people-oriented, scientific innovation; focus on the process of the pursuit of excellence; customer satisfaction and sustainable development!"

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